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Joel Roche’t

  • Specializes In: Black and grey semi-realism and realism

  • Favorite Style to Tattoo: A style of no styles

  • Experience: 21 years

  • Motto: “Be like water.” – Bruce Lee

I got my first tattoo in the summer of 1990. It was a home tattoo, what they call a “stick and poke,” done by a guy named Charlie in his trailer at his kitchen table. (I’m not condoning home tattooing but we all start somewhere.) Sixteenth music notes with flames on my left hand. Fast forward to 2021 and I have been tattooing for 21 years now.

Most of the tattoos I do are black and grey semi-realistic to realistic. I enjoy those types of tattoos because they’re like drawing with a pencil, and that’s the reason why I draw. But I also enjoy bold color, traditional, Asian, watercolor, fine lines, and more. I prefer a style of no style and try not to limit myself or my clientele.

Melissa Workman

Joel is the best! Whether it's something simple or a portrait he's my tattoo artist from here on out! His work is always top notch ♥️


Joel is amazing. He did an amazing tattoo for me on just an idea I had in my head. It's the most beautiful artwork I've ever received. I will definitely never go anywhere else for a tattoo.


I always go to Joel, but everyone is always super nice. Full of talented artists.


Joel has been my artist and has done amazing work! These artist will tell you straight out if something is not doable for them and which of them will do the work you're wanting best!